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Wearing the AMA Uniform

2024 has seen the release of a brand new national Masters uniform, by supplier Valour Sport based in Sydney. There is a greatly expanded range of custom tops available now, which includes Ladies and unisex singlets, two styles of lycra crop tops, a short sleeve Tshirt for competition use, a long sleeve training shirt, a Team Polo shirt, plus 2 thicknesses of track jacket, lined and unlined. Please refer to the detailed sizing charts on the Valour website, and if in doubt contact them directly.

The new custom tops garments are ordered through two online Order Campaigns held during the year, the first one was during March/April, and garment samples were available for sizing in Hobart at the recent AMA National Championships. Once the campaigns have closed, orders are sent to the manufacturer, then dispatched to the address nominated on the order.

Bottom garments are plain NAVY (called INK in the Valour range), and these can be ordered at any time from the Valour standard range. You may use bottom garments from other suppliers, but they must be NAVY and with no visible logos.

It is mandatory that all entrants representing our Australian Team at Masters Championships events wear the official AMA uniform when competing. Note that the previous version uniform may be worn until 2026, during the 2 year cross over period.


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